Ep 2: How to question…everything

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This week’s episode has been a long time in the making and was probably one of the first things the two of us started discussing in-depth on a regular basis.

We’re constantly talking about the theory of news, about when the media gets things right, and when they don’t stick the landing. We love news, but we also know that taming your bias is hard and even the most renowned papers can slip up (oops, maybe that’s a bit of our bias coming out too).

These tips are just some of the things we’ve learned  to do and if you have any other examples, let us know on this blog, on instagram or facebook. Or you know, call us, beep us, if you wanna reach us.

And as promised, here are links to the articles we mentioned in this week’s episode:






Episode 1: An Intro to BTB

Welcome to Breaking the Bubble (or BTB as we like to call it)!

We’re really excited to announce that our personal pet project has finally materialized. This was born out of a really productive weekend of discussion, research and being really motivated to wanting to make a difference in some of the issues we see these days. Since then, we’ve been putting together content, doing interviews, and also a lot of giggling bloopers.

Listen to our intro podcast, which goes into why we’re starting this and what to expect coming down the pipeline.

But most importantly, please let us know what you think and if you feel there are any other “bubbles” that need breaking, including our own.

Follow our page and listen along as we explore outside of our comfort zone and touch upon some tough topics, and hopefully you’ll be able to hear a new point of view too!

Welcome to Breaking The Bubble!

Hi there!!

If you’re reading this, the two of us (Eunice and Priyanka) have somehow tricked you into checking out our podcast! (Muahahaha).

This blog and podcast are pretty much an extension of our eternal effort to ask questions, play devil’s advocate, and better understand the world. It’s us bringing our private friendship to the public stage, and we hope it brightens your day, whether that’s with laughter or musings!

Check out the About Page for more information on us. We’re excited to share our world with you!