Who are we:

Two Northwestern Journalism Grads who never stopped asking questions, never stopped relocating, and never stopped nerding out.


Eunice: Born Korean, Grew up Chicagoan, Now Parisian

Priyanka: Born Indian, Grew up Princetonian, Now Qatari

Why we do this:

You’re not likely to see us post statuses on Facebook. We rarely engage in comment wars. And we tend to sideline ourselves when it comes to social media trends. But that’s not to say that we don’t have viewpoints on what’s happening around us.

It’s just that when we agreed with our newsfeeds, there was no need to be another roar in the jungle. And when we questioned the narrative, it was safer to do so in our little bubble. Essentially, we avoided our social media bubble, by creating a new one just for two.

In our bubble, we take turns playing Devil’s advocate. We discuss current issues at length, trying desperately to see the other side. And sometimes we do. Other times, we end up right back where we started – but with a greater understanding of the issue, and often, more empathy for its dissenting voices.

That said, it’s time we come out of our bubble. Put our method to the test in the real world, or at least its web equivalent.

We’re going to share some of our successes and failures, some examples of engagement that every person has experienced, and others that might be specific to our lives. But we’re hoping that the mix will empower people inside our bubbles and outside to start breaking through.