Artwork for: Gender in the Workplace


Check out the artist’s explanation below:

‘Expectations’ is a digital art piece, representing the state of gender in the workplace.

It was inspired by the following quote in the episode, “Women are expected to be more polished to be taken more seriously. Like if I showed up to work 100% disheveled, then I’ know i won’t be taken seriously. But if I’m too groomed and look too good then that makes you seem ditzy and incompetent. So you have to make sure that you’re presenting yourself in all the right ways.”

There are two important aspects in ‘Expectations’; the color and the shapes. The choice of colors is an obvious representation of gender. The shapes signify how men are allowed and accepted in different forms regardless of their ‘edges’, whereas women are expected to be perfect, like a circle. No edges, complete, formidable but non-threatening.

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