Coming Soon!!!! Season Two!!!

If Priyanka had it her way, this post would start with an Eminem throwback (Guess who’s back? Back again…) but good thing time differences mean that I can sneak in here and change it. Because Priyanka is lame. duh.

But for real, BTB is back! It’s time for Season Two. Or almost. We’ll be posting episode one of the new season in a few weeks, but here’s a quick promo, so you know just how excited you should be (here’s a hint: be VERY excited.)

So if you’ve changed your phone or podcast app over the last year, make sure to re-subscribe! You can find us on iTunes or any podcast app. Just search for Breaking The Bubble.

You can also stay up to date on our latest episodes and musings on our Facebook page. And please let us know what you think of the episodes, or any ideas you have for future episodes, by emailing us at

Here’s the episode!

Or download it here:

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